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In Loving Memory of Saverio Rocca (April 23, 1949 - March 18, 2018)

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In Loving Memory Of
Saverio Rocca
April 23, 1949-March 18, 2018

If I'm quiet, I still hear you;
The voice of reason inside my head.
If I slow down, I still feel you around.
Your calm, grounding presence,
Your sense of peace and
Your gentle, loving soul guiding me.
Your resilience pushes me ever
Through life's thunderstorms,
rainbows, and the every-day.
I remember you with each step I take
in finding my own way.
I'm thankful for the time we had,
For you teaching me what's right.
For you showing me when to just let
it go already,
And when to stand up and fight.
As for all our memories made,
I'll now share them with my little girl,
Precious gifts that will never fade.

We miss you every day. Love always
your wife Betty, your daughter
Amanda, Jason and your new
granddaughter, Isabel.