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LEWIS, Robert


January 2, 1948 -  October 20, 2021

In memory of a husband, a father, and grandfather.

A year ago, mother (Anna) lost her best friend. Her husband of more than 50 years.

During the summer months you could catch up with them out on the waters of South Bay, trying to net “the Big One”. Winters were spent out on Lake Manitou their ice hut, fishing and laughing.  Many friends and family would stop by to chat, and father would always be willing to give a hand to someone in need or just wanting fishing tips. At the age of 18 till he retired, he worked for INCO.  After retirement he and mother moved to South Baymouth on Manitoulin Island.  Father continued with his fishing charters and also started Manitoulin Lawn Care.  After retiring from chartering and lawn care, father was always at home entertaining friends and family.  As I write this, I asked some of his mates what they remembered most about Bob.  The one thing that came to mind for most is that “he always came to help, and they always had a good time!” Over the years mom and father would go moose and deer hunting, always together.  Father went on numerous hunting trips with his buddies into the U.S. and Quebec.  For those “enlightening” stories you need to contact them, for most are just too dear to share. Father had a knack for remembering baseball and hockey stats of most of the players.  Always rooting the “Jays” with mother at his side. Now there is no more baseball, hockey, of Judge Judy at 4 o’clock.  Father is gone.  He fought his illness for the better part of a year.  We speak of our memories with him frequently with friends, neighbors, and family. I’d like to take this moment to say thank you, father.  For the support, encouragement, and trust over the years. I’d also like the gratefully say thank you to all his hunting and fishing buddies, who had come to spend time with him, making us all laugh with your stories of adventures and misadventures over the years with father.

Father, you are missed,


Your Daughter.