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1 new forest fire confirmed in the northeast

There are over 30 active fires in the region as of Friday evening
Photo of Wawa 3 taken on May 31 by MNRF fire management technician Mike Calvank. The fire is now more than 6,600 hectares in size, officials say.

The Ministry of Natural Resources is reporting one new forest fire in the northeast region of the province this evening.

The fire, Sudbury 9, is in the south end of Rushbrook Provincial Park, 1km west of Rushbrook Lake and is not under control as of Friday evening at 0.1 hectare in size.

It's the latest in what's already been an extremely busy fire season in the province.

There are currently 34 fires in the northeast region alone with additional fires in the northwest region which includes the Thunder Bay area.

Of the fires in the northeast region, nine are currently under control, including Sudbury 13 at 0.1 hectares, Cochrane 9 at 5 hectares, Cochrane 3 at 80 hectares, Cochrane 2 at 0.4 hectares, and Wawa 2 at 105 hectares, Hearst 4 at 12 hectares, Kirkland Lake 6 at 0.2 hectares, Sault Ste Marie 3  at 2.8, Algonquin Park 6 at 30 hectares.

Fires currently being held in the region include Pembroke 1 at 43.7 hectares, Cochrane 8 at 35 hectares, Sudbury 16  at 14.1 hectares, Sudbury 15  at 3.4 hectares, Algonquin Park 7 at 2.1 hectares, Sault Ste Marie 5 at 3 hectares Sault Ste Marie 6 at 4 hectares, Sault Ste Marie 7 at 1.2.

There are 15 fires that are not yet under control, including Kirkland Lake 5 at 2,100 hectares, Timmins 7 at 120 hectares, Cochrane 7 at 9,047 hectares, Cochrane 6  at 1,239 hectares,  Cochrane 5  at 11 hectares, Hearst 5 at 90 hectares, Sault Ste Marie 4 at 14 hectares, Sudbury 19  at 253 hectares, Sudbury 18  at 1.5 hectares, Sudbury 17 at 5,277 hectares,  Sudbury 10 at 958 hectares, Chapleau 9 at 0.3 hectares, Chapleau 6 at 458 hectares, Chapleau 3  at 3,134 hectares, and Wawa 3 at 6,678 hectares.

One fire in the region, Cochrane 1 at 45 hectares, is currently being observed as of the latest Ministry update.

Additional details on restrictions and updates can be found here while an interactive fire map, showing the current fires across the province, can be found here.