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Dionne sisters may visit North Bay

'She and Cecile, subject to their health, would be pleased to consider visiting North Bay to see them again'
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Jeff Fournier and Chris Mayne met with Annette Dionne Saturday. Supplied photo.

Councillor Chris Mayne says the two surviving Dionne sisters may visit North Bay in the near future as a committee study plans to save their historic home.

Mayne and Friends of the Dionne Quints Museum Chairman Jeff Fournier met with Annette yesterday. (Saturday)

"Cecile had hoped to join us but was still on the mend from a recent fall, Annette is a wonderful lady, still using her treadmill for a few minutes every morning," posted Mayne on his Facebook page."We enjoyed tea & cake for our two-hour visit before returning back to North Bay. Annette is very supportive of keeping the old family home and artefacts together and if the Friends of Dionne's efforts are successful in keeping them in North Bay, she and Cecile, subject to their health, would be pleased to consider visiting North Bay to see them again."

In an email to BayToday, Carlo Tarini, spokesperson for Annette and Cécile Dionne said thanked Mayne and Fournier for making the trip.

"On behalf of Annette and Cécile Dionne, thank you so much for taking the time to meet at Annette Dionne’s home in St-Bruno Saturday. I really appreciated our frank discussion on the next steps to ensure the survival of the Dionne Museum/Home in North Bay," Tarini wrote.

"It certainly appears more feasible to the Save the Dionne Museum forever, now that we have an expression of support from Mayor McDonald’s team, especially with councilor Chris Mayne providing an efficient communication channel with city council. Miles (Peters) thank you so much for your input which I added to the discussion, and for setting up this long overdue communication with North Bay City. It was a first and a very important meeting and hopefully, it can make a difference in saving the day and ensuring that all Canadians can continue to learn from the story of the miracle birth of the Dionne Quintuplets. You have your hands full as the June 1st deadline to move the museum is looming.

"Jeff (Fournier), good luck with your fundraising efforts with the public on and in rallying the support and assistance in funding from your provincial and federal members of parliament. Perhaps fundraising will be facilitated now that the public can be sure that there is a will by City hall to keep the museum in North Bay. Hopefully, your other elected representatives will come to see the light and the importance of preserving for the region this learning center, museum, and valuable tourist attraction."

Local Dionne spokesman Miles Peters wrote, "I sure appreciate fellow citizens who will go to any lengths to protect our valuable resources, history, quality of life and the interests of the majority of taxpayers. Thank you, Chris and Jeff, for driving those roads on such a treacherous driving day to seize the opportunity of visiting this phenomenal lady who has endured so much.


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