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Eleven-year-old Thunder Bay girls wants to keep school safe

Taylor Gorrie is creating a Safe Zone to keep students protected against bullying.
Eleven-year-old Taylor Gorrie is creating a Safe Zone inside elementary schools for students.

THUNDER BAY -- Eleven-year-old Taylor Gorrie is on a mission to teach coping skills to children who have fallen victim to bullying.

Gorrie created Safe Zone, a community group based within elementary schools that works hand in hand with the school support workers to educate students about bullying.

“They are going to be getting help with peer-to-peer counselling, coping skills, and we also want to find the proper help for bullies,” Gorrie said.

During her schooling, Gorrie found that she had fallen victim to bullying many times, and she wasn’t taught how to cope.

Gorrie found that her school lacked the resources to help students who were being mistreated. As a result, Gorrie wants nothing more than to help other children.

“We are trying to raise money for a (promotional) video that will show the best way we can help and the best way you can get through it,” Gorrie said.

“We want to let children know that you’re not alone when you’re being bullied, because when you are being bullied you feel like you are the only one, we want to show that you aren’t alone and there’s other people getting bullied.”

So far, her Gofundme page has raised more than $700 towards the $2,100 video that will be used for school presentations to guide students in the right direction to get help.

“It makes me feel so good that people want to help us show children that you’re not alone and helping them,” she said.

Gorrie hopes to reach as many schools and people as possible with this video.

She wants to have each class create a Safe Zone poster, which will be hung up in a designated part of the school to help children identify where the Safe Zone will be located.

“I’m hoping that they’ll know that you will get through the bullying and that you’re not alone at any point.”

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