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How much are Northern Ontario mayors paid?

Here's how the mayoral salaries of the four major municipalities in the northeast compare
Greater Sudbury is the North's largest city, and the salary of the city's mayor is the highest among the city's municipal counterparts.

With Timmins council reviewing the mayor's salary ahead of the 2022 election, here’s a look at how much Northern Ontario mayors took home last year.

Each year, municipalities are required to reveal how much council members were paid in salary and expenses.

Of the large cities in northeastern Ontario, Timmins has the lowest population and the second-highest-paid mayor.

Here’s how Northern Ontario mayors stacked up in 2020, the last full year that the remuneration numbers are available for. The population numbers are from the 2016 census, which are the most recent totals available from Stats Canada. 

  • Timmins, population, 41,788. Timmins Mayor George Pirie received a total of $101,785.58 — $98,409.34 in remuneration and $3,376.24 in expenses. 
  • North Bay, population 51,553. Mayor Al McDonald received a total of $80,964.61 — $69,974.40 in salary, $10,069.80 in fringe benefits, which includes city-paid costs such as Canada Pension Plan and Employer Health Tax, and $920.41 in reimbursable expenses.
  • Sault Ste. Marie, population 73,368. Mayor Christian Provenzano received a total of $82,257.13. That includes a $75,124.37 honorarium, $4,913.02 car allowance, $2,219.74 for training/travel to conferences.
  • Greater Sudbury, population 161,531. Mayor Brian Bigger received a total of $228,873.07. That includes $180,448.26 in remuneration and $48,424.81 in fringe benefits, which may include Canada Pension Plan, employer health tax, dental, extended health, OMERS, travel, life insurance, long-term disability, short-term disability, phone and internet allowances and parking benefits.