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If there ever was a celebrity quilter, this guy is it

Ricky Tims will spend a couple days in the Sault this coming weekend
Ricky Tims quilter

If there’s such a thing as a quilting superstar, then Ricky Tims is it. Known internationally for creating ‘contemporary quilts with traditional appeal’, Tims is also an accomplished musician, composer and producer whose live performances are equal parts music, inspiration and comedy. Sault Ste. Marie’s Stitches From the Heart Quilt Guild is pleased to host Tims for, not only two days of quilting workshops this coming weekend, but also a musical performance.

“I am not motivated to be a celebrity in the world quilting community, but I do desire to encourage and inspire others,” he told SooToday. “The notoriety I have enjoyed has allowed me to reach more people with general thoughts and philosophy on being creative and doing things that others will treasure.”

Quilting is much more than making a quilt, said the Texas native, adding that quilters will understand what he means. He’s eternally grateful he has been able to inspire others in their creativity.

“(I) hope that part of my legacy will be that I was able to be a spark to light someone’s flame or that I was able to rekindle the embers that might have been fading,” Tims said.  

When it comes his own artistic endeavours, he said he simply tries to keep his priorities in check and focus on what needs to be done.

“For me, there’s more to my career than making quilts or making music. This journey includes the travel for teaching, presenting my two-day Quilt Luminarium events, week-long retreats, appearances at quilting events, and hosting our online TV program for,” Tims continued. “I’m as passionate for those endeavours as I am for creating the art. I focus on priorities and somehow it all works out. It’s not easy – and I can be overwhelmed – but it’s all worth the effort.”

Ricky Tims’ two-day workshop series begins at 10 a.m. on Friday, Apr. 7 at the Water Tower Inn. Stitches From the Heart Quilt Guild will host three lectures with Tims on both Friday and Saturday. His musical performance happens Friday evening at Central United Church and is open to the general public.

“The most important lesson is always the one that is buried beneath the surface. I’ll teach various techniques and methods. I’ll share secrets for ways to do things that are easier or can be time-savers,” he explained. “But it’s the message of self-worth, confidence, encouragement, and motivation that is what I hope they will remember the most.”

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