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Lake Nipissing expected to continue rising for another 1-2 weeks

Substantial rain is forecast through this week, with 8-10mm possible today, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, for a total of 40mm over the next five days
20190515 la vase boat launch submerged turl
The boat launch and part of the parking area on the La Vase River are completely submerged. Jeff Turl/BayToday.

NORTH BAY — Residents along North Bay's shoreline, Jocko Point and other low lying areas shouldn't get complacent despite the slowing rise of Lake Nipissing.

"It is currently at elevation 196.49m near North Bay, staying relatively stable since yesterday," says the Conservation Authority. "However it is expected that the Lake will continue rising for another 1-2 weeks. Water level forecasts estimate that Lake Nipissing could reach or exceed elevation 196.59m, which is approximately 10cm (4 inches) over its current elevation."

“Strong wind and storm surge may increase local water levels substantially, as well as wave action." said Kurtis Romanchuk, NBMCA Duty Officer. "This may pose a threat to properties along the Lake Nipissing and Callander Bay shoreline, as well as along the lower La Vase River, particularly if there are strong winds or waves."

Substantial rain is forecast through this week, with 8-10mm possible today, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, for a total of 40mm over the next five days. A southwest wind is forecasted at 27km/h for Monday, gusting above that.

The Parks Creek Backflood Control Structure has been operating on Red Alert and pumping since May 2, to help mitigate flooding and sewer back-up for 350 homes in the Parks Creek neighbourhood.  The pump will remain in operation until Lake Nipissing’s water levels return to normal.

In Mattawa, “The current forecast water level for the Ottawa River at the Town of Mattawa is 155.50m (above sea level) today, which is approximately 18cm (7 inches) above its level this morning,” said Romanchuk. “However, it’s also expected that this forecast will change as a result of continued snow melt and the forecast rain.”

Flow continues to be passed downstream from Lake Temiskaming.  Otto Holden dam is passing through the flow it receives from the Temiskaming dam, which has a strong effect on the Ottawa River downstream.  The rising levels of the Ottawa River pushes upstream into the Mattawa River affecting properties in Mattawa, Mattawan Township and Papineau-Cameron Township along the river.

Information about the most current forecasted water levels for the Ottawa River may be found at the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board website:

The current Ottawa River water level may be viewed at the Water Survey of Canada (WSC) website (note that there is a delay of several hours, and 100m should be added to the gauge reading for metres above sea level):

Information about the current status of Lake Nipissing may be found at the PWGSC website.


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