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Tuesday head-shaker: Afraid to report an accident, man opts to claim his car was stolen instead

He later admitted that his vehicle had not been stolen
wallace road cd 2017
The scene of Sunday's accident on Wallace Road. Photo by Chris Dawson.

A man drove his car off of the roadway in North Bay on Wallace Road, near Trout Lake Road and down a steep incline Sunday morning.

The vehicle and the highway guardrails were extensively damaged as a result, but the driver, who was uninjured, fled the area on foot without calling police or trying to report the collision.

Later that morning, he did call police, but to report that his vehicle was stolen.

He later admitted that his vehicle had not been stolen, and that he had been the one driving at the time of the single-vehicle accident.

On Sunday, after investigating the abandoned vehicle police arrested and charged the owner of the vehicle—a 24-year old North Bay man—with:

  • One count of fail to remain under Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act; and
  • One count of public mischief under Canada’s Criminal Code.

The accused, who police did not name, was released from custody with a court date scheduled for April 11th.