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More to the mystery behind the man they call Shad Man

Shad-Man believes there is a super hero in all of us.  

We are learning more about North Bay's newest super hero.

Shad-man as he's referred to, revealed a little more about his mysterious origins this morning at a Vacation Bible Camp at Trinity United Church in downtown North Bay. 

The children were in awe of the powerful looking individual clad is Shad-Man tights.  

But some questioned him when he told them he was bitten by a radioactive shad fly. However, one inquisitive and knowledgeable youngster disputed that. 

"But shad flies don't have mouths," she stated.

There’s a multiplicity of suggested origin stories including Shad-Man being bitten by a radioactive bug, to an orphan boy on Lake Nipissing being raised by a family of shads which doesn’t really make sense since they live for only a few days.  

What we can tell you, is if he has any super powers, he keeps them very secret, and maybe most importantly, if you meet him in public, he does not smell in any way like decaying dead shad flies.   

Shad-Man does believe there is a super hero in all of us.  

“I come in each day (to the Vacation Bible Camp) and I talk about these qualities that make up a super hero and in the end saying, you guys all have these qualities, you don’t need to have super powers,” said the masked Shad-Man.  

There are multiple rumours about who the man behind the mask really is,   

But like every good super hero, Shad-Man will not reveal his identity, enjoying his new found fame.  

“No one really enjoys shad season,” joked the new local super hero.  

“Shads stink and no one really looks forward to that and yet Shad-Man, they love it.  There is sort of this pride in North Bay, it’s amazing.”   

Shad-Man, who apparently is no relation to the Tick, another insect-like super hero, says he will continue to fight crime, remind kids to stay in school while reminding everyone to seek justice and resist evil. 

He may make take part in some more public events over the summer.  


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