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Night buses could be on chopping block in Timmins

One councillor in particular wants to talk about cuts
Transit Bus Winter
Timmins Transit could be facing a reduction in hours of operation. Andrew Autio for TimminsToday

With the city's budget for 2017 still a work in progress, one member of council is looking to get creative. It could mean the end of late evening bus service. 

Councillor Andrew Marks told his peers on February 15 that he would be sending them all a chart of some sort. He didn't get into much specifics, but he did thank Director of Community and Development Services Mark Jensen for getting it to him in short order.

"It happens to do with Timmins Transit. I know this is a tough budget, and every element has to be looked at. My request to Mr. Jensen was, if transit was to shut down at 10 p.m. every night, right across the city, what would the cost savings be? He provided an excellent, detailed report, so I'm going to provide it to you for your information, and we'll have future discussion," said Marks.

Timmins Transit currently has routes running from 6:30 am until midnight on Monday through Saturday. Final boarding takes place at 11:30 p.m. Most routes are consolidated into two evening routes after 7 p.m.

Potential cuts to transit routes are discussed nearly every year come budget time and Marks is aware of the arguments on both sides.

"I know in the past, I've heard council and how we all value this service, and we know people who use this service, and need this service. But this is certainly one of the areas that I'm hoping you'll be open to reviewing."

Marks said Jensen also provided him an estimate on the amount of money that could be saved by closing transit down by 10 p.m.

"We're looking at $108,000 in savings for those two hours with Timmins Transit," he said.

The first opportunity for a discussion on the matter is March 20, the next scheduled council meeting.


Andrew Autio, freelance

About the Author: Andrew Autio, freelance

Andrew Autio is a Timmins-based freelance journalist
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