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Oops! Sault builds brand-new bus shelter where buses never go

Don't even think of trying to catch a bus at this bus shelter!
2019-11-04 bus shelter
This new bus shelter was installed by mistake last week on Bruce Street near Queen. Now, it must be uninstalled and moved to another location. David Helwig/SooToday

SAULT STE. MARIE — Here at SooToday/Village Media, we were so excited!

The same week that we moved into our new headquarters at Queen and Bruce, spanking-new street furnishings started popping up next to the Bruce St. side of our building.

New benches, planters, cool new pillar lighting.

And best of all, a brand-new bus shelter just outside our back door.

Thank you, City of Sault Ste. Marie!

So we waited there for a bus.

And waited.

And waited.

Strangely, no bus ever came.

We'd see city buses sailing down Bruce Street, but they'd always turn west on Wellington on their way to the Dennis Street terminal.

Turns out the city messed up and gave us a bus shelter, but no buses.

All those street improvements were designed back when buses ran down Bruce all the way to Queen.

When the routes changed, no one thought to check the improvement designs to ensure they didn't need to also change.

So the city's construction contractor beautifully installed a bus shelter where buses never go.

The out-of-place shelter will now be uninstalled and moved to another location.

Don't even think about catching a bus outside our back door.

Those buses will likely be bona fide antiques before you'll ever get picked up there!


David Helwig

About the Author: David Helwig

David Helwig's journalism career spans six decades beginning in the 1960s. His work has been recognized with national and international awards.
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