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Preventing tragedy: Mattawa brings in school bus stop-arm camera program

'I hope other municipalities will follow the Mattawa’s example'
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MATTAWA — Mattawa Town Council voted on Monday night to enter into an agreement with BusPatrol in order to deploy BusPatrol’s stop-arm cameras and associated technology on all 19 buses in the Town of Mattawa, making them the first municipality in Canada to implement the BusPatrol program.

“We are thrilled to be moving forward with the Town of Mattawa to implement our SafetyTech solutions in order to help keep children safe on their journey to and from school,” says Jean Souliere, CEO of BusPatrol in a release.  

“It is particularly fitting that Mattawa be the first Canadian community to implement the BusPatrol program since it is home to the Let’s Remember Adam - STOP FOR THE SCHOOL BUS campaign, and we are proud to be starting our Canadian journey in this community.”

Nearly 24 years ago, Adam Ranger, a Mattawa resident, tragically lost his life at only five years old when a motorist ignored the school bus’ extended stop arm and flashing lights and struck Adam as he was crossing the street in front of his home.

Despite the community’s best effort to raise awareness and educate drivers, stop-arm violations continue to occur on a daily basis across the country, putting children’s safety at risk each and every day.

“I am thrilled that Mattawa Council has voted to implement this crucial technology to help prevent another tragedy like Adam’s,” says Pierre Ranger, Adam’s oldest brother and Chair of Let’s Remember Adam - STOP FOR THE SCHOOL BUS.

Ranger believes this is the first step in ensuring all of Ontario and Canada’s students are safe on the road.

"I hope other municipalities will follow the Mattawa’s example and implement this technology on their school buses before it’s too late,” said Ranger.  

The implementation of BusPatrol’s program is expected to help change driver behaviour, as has been proven in several U.S. jurisdictions where the program has already been implemented.

“Our experience shows that 98% of drivers who receive a ticket for passing a stopped school bus do not receive a second,” says Souliere.

“Our technology helps to not only prevent violations from happening but also to bring awareness to the need for motorists to slow down and pay attention on the road. We look forward to helping protect students in Mattawa.”


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