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Temagami opens hearts, homes, and Legion to stranded travellers

'Before long there were multiple offers by residents offering a warm bed for the night, blankets, and food and coffee'

We love telling these stories.

The folks in Temagami are well-known for their hospitality, and they showed it again Wednesday as police closed Highway 11 due to treacherous driving conditions.

About 70 vehicles and transports were lined up on the highway.

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Turns out that a woman was caught up in that closure, cold and preparing to hunker down in her car for the night...the call went out on The Temagami Talk Facebook page 

"Hello everyone! A friend’s cousin is stranded at the gas station and has been told it’s not safe for her to drive even 5km so is really stuck. She was not prepared for this mess and hasn’t blankets or other means of keeping warm. I’m wondering if anyone might be able to get there and lend a blanket or sleeping bag to make her overnighting in her car a bit warmer/safer?" said the Facebook post.

Before long there were multiple offers by residents offering a warm bed for the night, blankets, food and coffee.

And as it turns out, the Temagami Legion Branch 408 and municipal employees stepped up big time, as they always do, to take in all the stranded motorists. The Legion actually has a contingency plan in place for such dire events. When the highway is closed, volunteers go in and open the building to allow travellers that are stuck on the highway to have a safe place to drink a cup of coffee, munch on a cookie and keep warm.

About 20 people took advantage of the hospitality on Wednesday night. Some staying till midnight before cautiously travelling on.

That beats sitting in a cold car, not knowing if your gas will hold out or how long the highway will be closed for. Most people don't carry winter survival kits.

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Apparently it happens pretty often during the winter as storms pound northern highways.

In the end, it all ended well.

"Kudos to those who put in motion the opening of the legion to give those stranded shelter. I knew when I reached out that there would be a number of people offering help and I wasn’t disappointed. My friend’s cousin was headed to the Legion so will be warm and welcomed. Thank you, thank you for such hospitality and kindness ❤️" #Temagamiproud


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