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Video: Dash-cam captures what could have been a disastrous accident

Dash-cam footage shows a potential tractor-trailer collision in Greenstone.
Dash-cam footage of a commercial vehicle nearly colliding with another commercial vehicle on Highway 11 (Hwy 11/17 Kills People/Facebook)

GREENSTONE — Over the weekend, dash-cam footage uploaded to the Highway 11/17 Kills People Facebook page showed two tractor-trailers narrowly avoiding a potentially disastrous accident.

Dash-cam video shows one transport truck attempting to overtake another with a wide load.

But as it moved into the oncoming lane, the driver pulled onto the shoulder to avoid a head-on collision with the transport truck with the dash cam.

The OPP has yet to respond to Dougall Media’s inquiry into the video or if charges have been laid against the driver.

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Clint Fleury

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