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WATCH: Thunder Bay resident captures 'otterly' cute moment between a family of otters

Chris Artist's passion for nature is clearly shared by many in the community
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Courtesy of Chris Artist

THUNDER BAY – Local photographer Chris Artist’s social media went viral locally recently after he was able to capture a pretty rare moment between a family of otters who make Thunder Bay’s rivers their home.

Artist, a longtime photographer and nature lover has photographed countless critters in and around Thunder Bay, but never has he enjoyed an afternoon like he did last week, where he was able to get up close and personal with the family of three otters as they played and fished by the river’s edge.

"They don't usually stick around, but when they do, they pop up. They are a little curious about what's going on.  And just the other day I spent about an hour and a half with three of them, which has never happened," said Artist.

Artist's passion for nature is clearly shared by many in the community, as his Facebook page has been flooded with visitors wanting to get just a glimpse of the adorable creatures.

"It’s been overwhelming, I mean I can't even keep up with the comments and the mentions, the people sharing them, I made a little post, that I've otter-ly lost control of my otter pics,” said Artist.

And while Artist won't always be as fortunate as he was last week, his deep appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us keeps him out there looking for his next shot and enjoying the natural wonder of Thunder Bay

 "Just to have this at our doorstep, drive 10 minutes out of town and you can be somewhere where you won't see anyone, and you are alone in nature.  It’s very special, and too many take it for granted," said Artist

To see the otters and more local wildlife, visit Chris' Facebook page to keep up to date with his latest adventure.