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Wolf attacks family dog in North Bay

Police offer tips for residents should they encounter a wolf, coyote or fox

This morning the North Bay Police received a call from a concerned citizen regarding what they believed was an attack on their family dog by a wolf. The home is located in an isolated area at the north end of the city.

Police remind people that we do live in Northern Ontario and are susceptible to visits from animals that find this area their home.

Typically wolves are shy of human contact although human-wolf conflict can occur through the predation of livestock or pets. It is largely avoidable using standard precautions.:

  • Do NOT feed wolves (or other wildlife) — either intentionally or unintentionally. It attracts them to your property, makes them less fearful of humans, and makes them accustomed to food provided by humans.
  • Properly store and maintain garbage containers. Put garbage at curbside the morning of the scheduled pickup rather than the night before.
  • Wolves are attracted to products containing meat, milk and eggs. Use enclosed composting bins rather than exposed piles.
  • Remove any deer food and salt blocks from outdoor areas on your property.
  • Keep pet food indoors.
  • Well-lit yards or the use of motion sensor lighting may make your property less attractive to wolves and other nocturnal wildlife.

Other suggestions if you encounter a coyote, wolf or fox can be found here.

What to do if you encounter a coyote, wolf or fox

If you see a coyote, wolf or fox, keep your distance and the animal will most likely avoid you.

If you encounter an aggressive animal:

  • never approach or touch a wild animal
  • do not turn your back or run from a wild animal
  • back away from the animal while remaining calm
  • stand tall, wave your hands, and make lots of noise
  • carry a flashlight at night
  • if a wild animal poses an immediate threat or danger to public safety — call 911