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BEHIND THE SCENES: Closure for Kamerman family

BayToday reporter Chris Dawson takes us behind the scenes

For over 1,700 days, the passage of time has marked the absence of Abraham Kamerman, whose life was tragically cut short by a gunshot wound on the ill-fated day of December 5, 2018.

Today, a sense of closure finally embraced the Kamerman family as Superior Court Justice Greg Ellies detailed the sentencing for Ryan Abraham. In January of 2023, Ryan Abraham had admitted to a reduced charge of manslaughter in connection with the shooting death of Abraham Kamerman, a family member, on that fateful December 5, 2018. The incident occurred during a botched drug deal within an apartment on Beattie Street, North Bay.

Abraham Kamerman Sr., the father of the deceased, spoke with BayToday following the sentencing, stating, "We find ourselves in a much improved place now. While we can't return to the past, we can move forward without the daily burden of the unknown."

Justice Ellies meticulously conveyed the sentencing procedure during a 30-minute explanation, sharing the framework he employed to determine the sentencing outcome. After accounting for the time already served before the trial, Justice Ellies disclosed that Abraham would spend an additional six years behind bars, alongside the time already served, as part of a 14-year sentence. This would equate to 2,231 more days of incarceration before Abraham's eventual release. Justice Ellies emphasized, "This sentencing decision underscores the profound impact on the Kamerman family."

The Kamerman family, consisting of more than 10 members, engaged with Crown Attorney Marney Mazurski after the sentencing, seeking clarity on Abraham's forthcoming time in custody, including concurrent charges.

In a heartfelt exchange prior to their meeting, Abraham Kamerman Sr. expressed gratitude and affection towards Mazurski, saying, "I appreciate your support and love. We'll navigate through this together."

Despite the intense emotions surrounding the case, Abraham Kamerman Sr. made it clear that there was no resentment towards Ryan Abraham's family. He shared his perspective, stating, "Before each visit to court, I've prayed for both our families. They too have suffered a great loss." He continued, "Our stance is not about blaming them; they've done their best. They're also in pain. I want to emphasize this to everyone. Our family has always felt the same way."

Among the Kamerman family, many donned "Justice for Abe" shirts. However, on this occasion, Abraham Sr. wore a shirt that depicted a fragmented heart. Explaining the significance, he said, "This design was created by one of our daughters. It symbolizes a shattered heart. Mine bears the name of my son, while theirs says 'Dad.' We had these made when we began this journey. It's a poignant design as we share the missing part of the heart. It's their daughter for them, their son for us, and in their case, their father."

Though the Kamerman hearts remain fractured, the conclusion of the emotionally taxing trial may offer an opportunity for their forgiving spirits to start the process of healing.

Video Summary:

In North Bay, a family finds relief after Ryan Abraham's recent sentencing. Chris Dawson, a reporter from BayToday, sheds light on the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Abraham Kamerman on December 5, 2018. The incident occurred during a home invasion, resulting in a struggle that led to Abraham's death.

The community and family reacted with mixed emotions to Ryan Abraham's guilty plea to a reduced charge of manslaughter in January. There was a sense of disappointment initially, as they hoped for closure during the victim statements on June 23. The family felt frustrated with the extended process, but not with Ryan Abraham's family.

Sentencing Justice Greg Ellies navigated a complex formula to determine Abraham's sentence, factoring in lockdown periods and unique circumstances. This led to a 14-year sentence, with about six years left to serve after accounting for time already spent in jail.

Despite their shattered hearts, the Kamerman family has maintained a forgiving perspective. They've interacted with Ryan Abraham's family in a spirit of understanding and support. Abraham Kamerman Sr. 's gesture of consoling Ryan Abraham's mother in the courtroom epitomized their desire for closure and to move beyond the court proceedings.