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BEHIND THE SCENES: Downer recovering at home, grateful for support from GBGH and community

MidlandToday reporter Derek Howard takes us behind the scenes

Jim Downer, a council member and former mayor of Midland, expressed his gratitude towards the local community and medical staff who provided him with support during his recent illness.

During a regular council meeting, Downer experienced a medical emergency, and his fellow council members and staff quickly offered assistance, which his peers credit with saving his life. From his home, Downer expressed his appreciation for the support he received from the community and Georgian Bay General Hospital. He also used his social media platform to thank everyone for their prayers.

While he takes his responsibilities as a councillor seriously, Downer admits that he may need to lighten up a little. He expects to return to his role soon. Fire Chief Richard Renaud encouraged people to learn first aid, CPR, and how to use a defibrillator, noting that these skills can make a significant difference in patient outcomes during cardiac arrests.

Video Summary:

Former mayor and current councilor Jim Downer fell ill during a recent council meeting in Midland. The incident occurred during a conversation about Midland Bay Landing, a contentious topic in the area. Although the meetings are typically sparsely attended, both in person and virtually, the entire event was witnessed by Midland Today reporter Derek Howard, who quickly gathered information on what happened. Councilor East immediately performed CPR, while Joint Fire Chief Richard Renaud of both Midland and Penetanguishene who happened to be in attendance and also rushed to provide emergency care.

Following the incident, Councilor Downer praised the staff at the Georgian Bay General Hospital for their care and support. He has since stated that he will be taking some time to rest and recuperate but will return to his role soon. There has been discussion among local officials about implementing more training or education programs for first aid and CPR following the incident.

The incident at the council meeting in Midland was a scary situation, but fortunately, quick action from Councilor East, the Fire Chief saved Councilor Downer's life. The event has sparked discussion about the importance of having emergency access utilities and implementing more training and education programs for first aid and CPR. Councilor Downer has expressed gratitude for the support he received from the community and the staff at the Georgian Bay General Hospital.