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BEHIND THE SCENES: Lyons the driving force behind fundraiser

BayToday reporter Chris Dawson takes us behind the scenes

A successful fundraising endeavour orchestrated by Mark Lyons has concluded on a high note.

Commencing on August 13, the driving range situated at Pinewood Golf Course in North Bay undertook a charitable initiative, pledging to contribute half of the proceeds from the sale of buckets of golf balls to the One Kids Place Jack Lyons programs.

This initiative swiftly followed the installation of a sign that now adorns the driving range, bearing the inscription "Jack Lyons Memorial Range." This poignant tribute serves to commemorate Jack Lyons, Mark's son, who tragically passed away at the age of 17 in April of 2022 due to his battle with autism. The culmination of the golf ball collection and fundraising activities yielded an impressive sum of $2100. The fundraising duration was extended to accommodate any weather-related interruptions.

The choice of the driving range as a site to honour Jack Lyons holds significance, as it was a space where both Mark and his son shared numerous hours practicing their golf swings. This popular driving range is situated on the southern outskirts of the city.

Mark Lyons, who has previously orchestrated fundraisers involving fat biking and hockey, lauds this initiative as yet another heartening display of support for the cause.

"It provides crucial support for the continuation of our endeavours," remarked Lyons. The funds generated will contribute to the sustenance of summer camps that often lack substantial provincial or federal funding.

Reflecting on the broader impact, Lyons expressed, "When I observe the playground and the trail, I am reminded of the exceptional way in which my son's memory has been honoured."

Video Summary:

The driving range at Pinewood Park Golf Course holds a significant place in the heart of the Lyons family from North Bay. Reporter Chris Dawson discusses the inspiring story of Jack Lyons and his relationship with the driving range. Jack, who had autism, found a special connection with the range, often joining his father, Mark, to practice golf. Jack's passing in April 2022 led the family to transform their grief into positive action.

Mark Lyons collaborated with Pinewood Golf Course to organize a fundraiser benefiting autism camps in the North Bay area through One Kids Place. They named it the "Jack Lyons Memorial Driving Range" to honour Jack's memory. The recent fundraising effort, spanning about two weeks, resulted in a total of $2,100 that will be directed towards supporting autism camps. The Lyons family has been actively involved in autism programs even before Jack's passing, and Mark has been committed to initiatives like a high school hockey tournament in Jack's name to raise funds for underfunded autism camps in the region.

Mark's dedication to supporting autism initiatives has been evident in various projects, including fundraising tournaments and advocating for camps that lack sufficient funding. This ongoing effort is driven by his passion for making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families affected by autism in the North Bay area and beyond.