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Got $200K and a desire to lead a party? Federal Tories launch 2020 leadership election

Candidates have until Feb. 27 to apply 

The Conservative Party of Canada opened its 2020 Leadership Election on Jan. 13, giving candidates one month to apply for the position. 

During this time, applicants will be tested not only on their organizational and fundraising abilities, but their ability to inspire Canadians to join the Conservative Party said Dan Nowlan, co-chair of the Leadership Election Organizing Committee (LEOC). 

“This is going to be an exciting and competitive contest that shows Canadians how Conservatives are ready to do the hard work that comes with being a government in waiting,” said Lisa Raitt, co-chair of LEOC. 

“Like all Conservatives, I’m looking forward to hearing the candidates’ vision for Canada, hearing those big ideas that get people talking about the Conservative Party, and hearing how each candidate is going to help us win the next election. I believe the process as structured by our LEOC will help accomplish that.”

The financial requirement to become a Verified Candidate in the 2020 Conservative Leadership election is a total non-refundable registration fee of $200,000.

Verified Candidates are also required to obtain 3,000 signatures of endorsement in total from party members. 

The financial and member endorsement obligations are as follows:

A person entering the race will submit a $25,000 instalment of the total registration fee, as well as a first instalment of 1,000 signatures of endorsement. These signatures must be from members residing in at least 30 different electoral districts across at least seven provinces and/or territories. Once accepted, this person becomes an Approved Applicant.

For an Approved Applicant to receive the list of Conservative Party members and the Leadership election voters list, they will submit a further $25,000 instalment of the registration fee, plus submit a full compliance deposit of $100,000, and a further instalment of 1,000 signatures of endorsement. At this point, they become an Authorized Contestant.

Approved Applicants and Authorized Contestants will have until March 25 at 5 p.m. to submit the full remaining registration fee, and the full remaining signatures of endorsement to become a Verified Candidate. Only Verified Candidates will have their name on the Leadership ballot.

Canadians must be a member of the Conservative Party by April 17, 2020, to vote in the 2020 Conservative Leadership election. 

The winner of the Conservative Leadership election will be announced in Toronto on June 27.

More information on the 2020 Leadership election can be found here.