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If elected, Singh promises disaster relief to help families in climate crisis

NDP leader says party’s plan will commit $3 billion over four years to support disaster relief and building ‘climate-resilient infrastructure’
2019-099-18 Jagmeet Singh RB 8
Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh at a recent campaign stop in Barrie. (Raymond Bowe/BarrieToday)

On Sept. 1, during a virtual town hall with residents of British Columbia’s interior – many of whom have been impacted by wildfires – NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh announced his plan to protect families and support communities across Canada in mitigating the effects of the climate crisis.  

“When communities are destroyed by floods, fires and extreme weather, the impact on people is huge. People are left to wonder if this is the new normal,” said Singh. “Justin Trudeau walked in a climate march, but he’s still giving billions in subsidies to oil and gas companies. He said he was serious about climate change, but he has let emissions continue to rise. Every time Justin Trudeau says one thing and does another it costs Canadians.” 

During the townhall, Singh committed to an additional $3 billion over four years to help municipalities respond to disasters and support communities in building climate resilience infrastructure.  

“In the last six years Justin Trudeau has promised to reduce emissions. Instead, he has increased subsidies to big oil and emissions have gone up," said Singh. “Canada is the only G7 country where emissions have increased since signing the Paris Climate agreement. The climate crisis is making these disasters more intense and more frequent. We can’t afford Mr. Trudeau's empty words on the environment anymore.” 

This announcement builds on the NDP’s climate action plan to protect our air, land and water and create good jobs.