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NDP promotes Singh’s presence during French debate

Singh “showed the different choices he would make to help his people” during the final French debate, NDP says in press release
jagmeet singh campaign
Burnaby South MP and Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh.

GATINEAU — During the final French debate, Singh was strong and compassionate as he stood up for people. Throughout the debate, he showed the different choices he would make to help people. Singh was clear that he doesn't accept that this is the best we can do and that he is willing to fight to make people's lives better.  

"Things are not going well. The ultra-rich and big companies are getting richer than ever while the cost of living is going up and wages are not going up for the rest of us," said Singh. “I am not Justin Trudeau. I understand the reality people are facing. I am not protecting the wealth of the ultra-rich, I am fighting for you. We must dare to make different choices to get different results." 

 During the debate, Singh went after Justin Trudeau's record as prime minister.  

“He is big on talk but short on action,” said Jagmeet.  

He pointed to the many times Justin Trudeau has prioritized the interests of the ultra-rich over people—whether it was when he pandered to Big Pharma or Big Telecom or when he chose to increase subsidies to Big Oil rather than invest in clean energy.  

"The problems people are facing right now are no surprise, they are the result of decisions that were made by successive Liberal and Conservative governments. But it doesn't have to be this way," said Singh. “With the challenges we face, it is more important than ever that we choose a government that is willing to do things differently – to say no to big business and yes to people.”