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When it comes to climate change, you’re voting for the future, Green candidate says

‘Most young people are not even allowed to vote even though they are the ones most affected’ by climate change, says Sudbury candidate David Robinson
David Robinson, Sudbury economist, former Laurentian professor, Green Party candidate

Sudbury Green Party candidate David Robinson wants voters to think about “who will be living in the hothouse world we are creating” when casting their ballots.

"If you have to spend longer in the future, it seems fair that your climate vote should count more," said Robinson in a news release. "But it doesn't. A 20-year-old could spend seven decades on hothouse Earth. She gets one vote."   

Robinson added that voters in his demographic may “have just one decade” on the hothouse Earth he describes, but young people will have to live in a far different world from the one older voters grew up in.

"I'll get to enjoy the coolest, safest part of the future,” he said. “When the 20-year old is my age the world will be three or four degrees warmer. That doesn't seem fair to me.

"Most young people are not even allowed to vote even though they are the ones most affected. We adults should vote for them, because they can't vote for themselves."

Since the generations who came before “made the problem,” they should vote in the interests of those who will inherit the problem, Robinson said.

"Our generation has burned more coal, oil and gas than all of humanity before us. We made the problem. And we are going to die off before it gets too hot to live in this frying pan we've created,” he said.

"I'd like everyone to cast their vote for the children and grandchildren. They have to live in the future we make. I'd like every voter to give a clear signal that they want much faster action on climate change. I'd like them to vote Green to give that signal."