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Council committee to seek best practices for City development

Mayor Paul Lefevbre announced plan for new special committee of council to examine ways to foster sustainable growth and development
Paul Lefebvre, Sudbury Mayor Paul Lefebvre, Mayor Paul Lefebvre, Greater Sudbury Mayor Paul Lefebvre, Paul Lefebvre 2023

Mayor Paul Lefebvre has announced his plan to create a special committee of Council with a mandate to ensure that Greater Sudbury’s development services demonstrate best-in-class policies and processes.

“We know that we need to build more houses to accommodate a growing population,” said Lefebvre in a release from the mayor’s office. “We also need serviced industrial lands and facilities to meet the unprecedented demand related to critical minerals and other clean tech sectors. I want to ensure we are creating favourable conditions to foster sustainable growth and development here in Greater Sudbury.”

The committee will invite “solutions-oriented feedback” from local professionals and industry associations to advance development in the city. The committee’s work will culminate in a report that includes examples of leading policies and best practices from other municipalities across Ontario and their applicability in Greater Sudbury. The report will identify potential changes that will help ensure the City is well-prepared to support the anticipated growth in residential and non-residential development over the next 10 to 15 years.

The committee will not provide recommended changes to development requirements that are legislated by the provincial government. Further, they will not make recommendations to weaken safety or environmental protections.

“We want to ensure that we are encouraging investment in our local economy, and that projects that are good for our community stay here in Greater Sudbury,” said Lefebvre.

The work of the committee will occur alongside ongoing efforts related to a February council motion directing City staff to work with the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce.

The exact terms of the special committee are still to be determined and will be communicated shortly, states the release.



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