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Emmo Ewild S3 Sale! $2,199.00

Clearance sale on Emmo Ewild S3 (250$ off)

500W Brushless Hub Motor
Industry-leading technologies give maximum torque performance and fantastic riding experience. You will be surprised by its performance in climbing hills and dealing with varying road conditions. 500W continuously 5 Levels power assist

48V Samsung Lithium-ion Battery
Equipped with a powerful heart, the high quality Samsung lithium battery ensures a longer range and a longer lifetime. The Smart Management System gives you peace of mind in use, maintenance and storage. With multiple upgrade options, you can choose the battery configuration that suits you best. 1000 rated recharging cycles up to 21Ah battery capacity

LCD Display with Backlight
The LCD display provides information including the speed, pedal assist level, battery level and trip distance. The LED backlight makes the readings easier any time day or night.

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