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REPerformance - Corporate Wellness Benefits

REPerformance App is a new personalized corporate workout tool that allows users to track their fitness and health goals, see and record their progress, and compare their results to other users.

It includes resources like mental health practitioners, relationship coaches, sleep advisors, nutrition coaches, and trainers. We're on a mission to disrupt the health and wellness benefits industry by equipping everyone with the skills and tools to be able to live the life they feel optimized in.

We aim to simultaneously promote positive behavioral change among your employees and support schools by offering a physical education tool that allows teachers to personalize the Phys Ed experience for children. With every 1500 hours of activity logged by your employees, we will donate our Physical education software to a school in your name. This way, you can support your employees’ healthy choices and contribute to improving your community’s health and well-being.

Sign up your company today and get 100 FREE 1:1 coaching minutes for the first month.

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