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Why it is not just about Pamela, Mike and Rob

It’s hard to avoid the question of Rob Ford wherever you live in this country. He brings a larger-than-life “wince” seldom achieved in this highly contested category of public service. He can take you from rage to compassion in an afternoon.

Leadership: It just ain’t that simple

It’s a complicated time to consider the matter of leadership.

Our 40th anniversary: Don’t lose your nerve

It began as many things do. I didn’t have a clue what I was getting into.

Between a digital rock and a hard place

In the last 10 years, this ink-stained wretch has broadened his horizons into a variety of digital companies. Some have prospered. Some have died. A couple remain potential home runs. A couple remain on life support. I love each one of them.

Aunt Betty and the passing of time

My Aunt Betty died this year. She had suffered with dementia for some time and so it was a shock to lose her, but not a surprise. She was 87. Many of you, of course, have a favourite aunt or uncle.

On the importance of buying a Blackberry

Yesterday, while sitting in the front seat of the car consulting her BlackBerry, my daughter made the following observation on the state of the Canadian economy. I used to have 170 contacts on my BBM directory. I now have 37.

Idle no more ... and it will take more - Michael Atkins

Notwithstanding Stephen Harper’s habit of going for the jugular (i.e.

Thank God for Glen R. Murray - Michael Atkins

I can hear the gnashing of teeth from Sparks Street in Ottawa to Ouellette Avenue in downtown Windsor. Yes, that would be the MPPs for the Liberal Party of Ontario. The cabinet ministers would add genuine fear to the grinding of teeth.

Taking advantage of the madness afoot - Michael Atkins

We are in an odd position in Ontario. The current government is nominally in charge but has no authority to do anything. There is a lame-duck premier and no parliament.

Responding to the Age of Austerity - Michael Atkins

The province of Ontario is broke. The Canadian government, while certainly not broke, is cutting back substantially on program spending. It wants less government for financial and ideological reasons. Northern Ontario is going to get hammered.