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An old woman's opinions on logos, litter and dog logs

Clean up after yourself, people
Columnist Erna de Burger-Fex said one of her pet peeves is people who don't clean up after their dogs. Photo from

You know when you get to be my age, you notice all kinds of things.  

As I’m walking down the street, or anywhere really, I am assaulted by diverse brightly coloured T-shirts emblazoned with advertisements on people’s chests. Why?

Were the T-shirts free? That’s the only reason I can assume. All I know is that God never intended my chest to be a billboard. So why are others big and small resorting to donning such shirts? 

Don’t you realize that by walking around with these trademarks, slogans, the names of companies and designers like Tommy Hilfiger, you are saving them huge amounts of money in advertising? That’s the reason for their names and slogans printed on their merchandise of course. It’s true! Think about it. I have already discussed my incomprehension for anyone paying enormous amounts of dollars for ripped jeans, in a previous essay. But, if you want my opinion about such things, just ask, I’ll be happy to give it again. We, the elderly, walk slower so we observe such things.

Garbage is everywhere in our city. Tim Hortons cups litter the streets and ditches. Don’t blame Tim Hortons! Don’t you realize that by bringing your own reusable cup for your morning coffee, it’s actually 10 cents cheaper? I know, I know, it means you have to carry it around all day, but there must be some small space in those huge backpacks everyone loads onto their backs today. (Those backpacks may damage your back.) Trash cans are all around so you can dispose of your cardboard Tims cups, or, for heaven’s sake, crush them and put them in your pocket! It’s not that big a deal! Really! I’ve focused on Tims cups, but there are many other items of garbage tossed away even in our beautiful Bell Park. Why?

That brings me to dog poop (not that I want to go there).  If you have a dog, you must take it for walks several times daily. Is it too troublesome to carry small plastic bags with you to scoop that excrement so it does not offend others using the area? Look at our Board Walk. We love to walk there frequently after supper, but our enjoyment is often spoiled by having to step around this smelly stuff. That’s just not right or fair! 

I could go on and on (you know I could) expressing my opinions on almost anything, but I’ll leave that for another time. 

Erna de Burger-Fex is a writer and retired teacher.