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Column: Creightonites return home for annual reunion

Author Thomas Wolfe wrote that, “You can’t go home again.” Well, Creightonites certainly proved him wrong in an enormous way! The 25th Creighton Shines Again reunion was a phenomenal success.
Author Thomas Wolfe wrote that, “You can’t go home again.” 

Well, Creightonites certainly proved him wrong in an enormous way! The 25th Creighton Shines Again reunion was a phenomenal success. We saw smiles, heard laughter, witnessed many hugs as former Creightonites met each other on Friday evening – registration night.

Many had not seen former friends and neighbours for many years. In no time, the Laneway Tap and Grill filled up with Creightonites from several different generations – even the patio usually reserved for smokers, was filled to capacity with people enjoying visiting with each other.

The physical Town of Creighton Mine has been gone since 1986, but the Spirit of Creighton will exist as long as any Creightonites can remember. The first annual reunion took place in 1989 called Creighton Shines in '89 and was a tremendous success with thousands of Creightonites coming home. This year’s 25th Creighton Shines Again annual reunion marked 25 years of annual reunions since 1989.

Every year we gather on the third Sunday of September at the Anderson Farm Museum to reconnect with others from years ago. It has rained only once on a Creighton reunion and that was last year, 2013, when rain just poured from the sky. Even so, some hardy souls came. At about 4 p.m., we usually go to the Caruso Club in Sudbury for a communal dinner and continue the fun.

The planning committee consisted of Mary Pilon Laabs and Lisa MacDonald as co-chairs, Roxanne Kneer as secretary, Cindi Hood Conroy as our capable treasurer, and committee members Ed Bernier, Dan and Karen Hnatuk, Kathy Taus and myself as historian.

The entire committee worked hard and the fantastic, joyous turnout made all of our preparations worthwhile. Ron Cormier was an excellent MC throughout the weekend. His humour kept everyone laughing and paying attention the whole time.

The dinner/dance was sold out. We enjoyed a lovely hot dinner – Cabrini Hall style and prepared by Kathy Taus and her staff. Dancing followed and went on until 1 a.m. Some of us did not last quite that long.

Guestbook, Creighton Passings album, and Creighton album were all available and garnered much interest especially from those who had not been home for many years. Beautiful paintings by John Stopciai and Royce Simpson were diplayed and admired.

Sunday morning dawned sunny and hot. The closing ceremonies were bittersweet as such events often are. A choir led by Carmen Cozzarini sang several familiar songs. The meaningful faith service was led by Father Sharpe, Pastor Ed Tyreman, Father Bob Bourgon and Father Jim Hutton. After that had been completed, interestingly, many Creightonites stayed around to chat some more showing how reluctant they were to have this weekend come to an end.