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De Burger-Fex: Creighton 30th Annual Reunion promises to be fun for the whole family

Anderson Farm hosts 30th reunion on Sept. 14

It’s almost here!  

The Creighton 30th Annual Reunion is in the final planning stages.

It will take place on Saturday, Sept. 14 at the Anderson Farm in Lively from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.   For those who wish to attend the Dinner – Dance at ALLEYKATZ in Walden Plaza, that begins at 5 p.m.  

You must have tickets for that part of the event.  Check the CREIGHTON30TH website for information and registration forms and send them in quickly as tickets are going fast.

It’s hard to believe that ever since that first huge reunion, aptly titled, “Creighton Shines in ‘89” of course in 1989, we have been getting together usually on the third Sunday of September, every year.

Former Creightonites come from all over to attend these wonderful occasions simply to share memories, reconnect with old neighbours and friends and reminisce. Laughter resounds from everywhere at the site.  “Do you remember ?” whether that is of people or happenings in our old hometown.  

Adults fondly remember childhood games and pranks. For many years we gathered at the townsite but can no longer do so unfortunately.

Everyone talks about the club and the many various activities that went on there. International badminton champions trained and were taught in that club by expert coach Ev Staples.

Their achievements were truly remarkable! Plays were produced and acted by local children and adults on the stage. There was always an appreciative audience to encourage and applaud the actors.

Brownies, Girl Guides, Cubs and Boy Scouts met at the club for their regular meetings and activities. The Creighton Public Library was located on the second floor – always special to me as it was the first library I ever visited.  In the basement was a small bowling alley.

 At Christmas, Santa Claus would magically appear bringing small toys and goodies for the excited children courtesy of the Inco Employees Club. 

The churches, St. Michael’s Catholic Church and Fraternity United, were inspiring gathering places.   Father Regan was the parish priest at St Michael’s from 1935 – 1976 when he died.  He was universally beloved in the town.    Father Regan started the Creighton Mine Credit Union with Roy Gotro as its first manager.

This Credit Union is now part of Sudbury Credit union.

Of course, Creighton Mine Public School played a huge part in the lives of Creightonites. Most received their elementary education there. Fond memories of classmates and teachers evoke interesting memories and laughter.   Miss Ursula Black was the principal for 40+ years and was a town institution.  Her extensive  involvement in the community was admired and appreciated.

Creighton was a multi – ethnic town.  We had Italians, Croatians, Finns, Germans, English, Scots, Poles, Ukrainians, French, Dutch, Irish and others I may have forgotten.

We all celebrated each others’ cultures and food. Food – especially the delicious food and wine! All nationalities were an integral part of Creighton Mine for all the years it existed.

No racism ever occurred. Former Regional Chair Tom Davies (Creightonite) proclaimed Creighton as a microcosm of Canada. He was right!

The historic Log Cabin now located at the Anderson Farm, is the CREIGHTON MUSEUM and contains artifacts, photos, trophies and memorabilia donated by Creightonites and is always visited during the reunions. We encourage anyone who wishes to donate items to do so any time.

That same log cabin was the actual birthplace of Jim Smith and Ed Tyreman. It was moved to several different locations in Creighton over the years and when our town was demolished, to the Anderson Farm in Lively.

There are so many reasons to celebrate this little town. The deep friendships which existed among all gives us a myriad of reasons to keep gathering every year.

So, this year, on September 14, 2019, we will revel in the 30th Annual Creighton Reunion. If you have ever lived in Creighton, you are most welcome! Contact me if you have any questions.