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de Burger-Fex: Celebrating the family and frenzy of this merry season

Columnist Erna de Burger-Fex reflects (as she likes to do) on Christmas and the meaning of the season
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Christmas is not just for children. Of course, the joy we see in children’s eyes and their cries of happiness as they open their gifts or gaze at beautiful lights, decorated Christmas trees and Nativity sets, add to our delight on that special day. 

Teach them to understand that Santa Claus gives presents because he loves children. But Christmas is more than just one day.

Boxing Day is a day of extended families gathering and enjoying each others’ company with laughter, good food and reconnecting. For me that is more important and relaxing, and the frenzy of Christmas has passed. 

Some family members are able to get together just once a year. I love it when my home is full with my daughters, grandchildren, nieces and nephews and their children. Yes, it’s noisy but who cares?

It is significant for my husband and me that our wedding anniversary falls between Christmas and New Year’s Day. This day is for us and we usually celebrate with a lovely dinner. This year, we will be celebrating our 54th anniversary – and “they” said it wouldn’t last! Every anniversary is special to us.

There are other things I wish for Christmas – not material stuff but happiness and good health for family and friends. I pray that every family can be together and that petty disagreements be pushed aside not just for that one day but forever. Peace of mind is an essential quality for us all. 
Learning to accept our life situations is sometimes difficult, but is basic for our well-being. Is not the Christmas season the best time to contemplate that?

Jesus is the reason for the season is a meaningful thought at this time of year. He wanted peace for all. It is my hope that our leaders strive for that in our world. Jesus also advocated love and charity. 

During the month of December food drives are usually hugely successful as one and all make great efforts to alleviate hunger and poverty among our fellow citizens. The annual Lion's Club Christmas Telethon’s proceeds ensure that many children will receive toys and goodies for Christmas. 

In 1952, my family was a fortunate recipient of the proceeds — toys and wonderful food — of the Lions’ telethon. We have never forgotten.

The spirit of friendship blossoms during the whole month of December, evidenced by many Christmas parties fostering the importance and happiness of being together during this celebratory time of year. 

May the Christmas spirit of love, hope and charity be in our hearts.                          

Erna de Burger-Fex is a writer and retired teacher who writes about aging and the funny side of getting older. Got a question for Erna? Email