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Erna de Burger-Fex: ‘Premier Ford, please allow our hairdressers to attend to us?’

Another sign of the pandemic — COVID hair
It's going to be awhile before we're allowed back in our hairdressers' chairs.

All right! I’m fed up! This pandemic has gone on too long! There are many indications of pandemic fatigue everywhere. The most visible is COVID hair, which many of us are suffering with these days because our hairstylists are not allowed to come near us. 

I know, it’s for our own and their safety. No one wants to pass on this terrible COVID-19 virus to anyone else of course. Getting our second dose of vaccine will make me feel safer. 

But we have to wait for that and if I have been fortunate enough to get it, will my hairstylist? She’s younger so will have to wait longer for that second jab. And the wait goes on.

Looking at Mayor John Tory of Toronto’s hair is really quite sad – I’d say comical but that’s not polite, right? It’s a reminder though every time he appears on TV that the same law is in force there as it is here in Sudbury, and he is obeying that law most definitely. Our Prime Minister, who has a great head of thick hair, needs a major trim and very soon!

Looking more closely in our own home, both my husband and I are way overdue for haircuts – way past our hair looking decent. In my case, I find it difficult to style my hair lately so that it looks presentable. Woe is me! His hair is curly which helps a little but now it sticks out every which way. The fact that he wears a Tilley hat all day hides his hair, but when he comes home, I get to look at those unruly locks. Not a pretty sight let me tell you!

Journalists on TV have help in styling their hair, but the grey cannot be hidden. Outgrown roots are not attractive. Some of them decided they liked their grey hair, and the most beautiful of these is CTV Anchor Lisa LaFlamme. Her hair is a steel gray colour thanks to the previous lockdown and suits her very well. Those with long hair have those dark roots showing but they are in the same boat I am. 

Walking on the street exposes women with as much as 6 inches of dark hair in evidence and 8 inches of blond hair hanging down their backs. I wonder if they like it that way? Unless they decide to colour it themselves, they must wait, as I have to. Colouring it myself is not something I dare to try! Who knows what kind of disaster might result? I think I’ll wait.

The males who are bald don’t have a problem. They just shave their whole head and that’s it. They look the same as they always did. I never thought I’d envy a bald man’s head but at this point, I do!

Premier Ford, please allow our hairdressers to attend to us?

Erna Fex is a writer and retired teacher who wrote a column for’s predecessor publication, Northern Life, for many years. She recently published her memoirs.