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Reflections: We see Erna rollin', and she's not hatin'

Columnist Erna de Burger-Fex loves her shiny new walker

The aging process continues. I am now the proud owner of a lovely blue chariot. I guess I like it. No, that’s not true, I really do like it. 

Some of my friends are expressing sorrowful empathetic comments to me, but that’s their opinion. Not mine. While I appreciate their concern, I don’t need it in this case.

Now that I have this walker I will retire my trusty cane, Betsy. She’s probably glad. I won’t be leaving her behind any more. Leaving this new mobility assist behind won’t happen because I need it much more than I did Betsy. That reminds me, I must find a name for her. My sister has already suggested some monikers.

I can outrun my husband with the walker. I really can! He has trouble catching up to me. He always used to tell me to walk faster, now I’m faster than he is. I don’t think he really likes that! His problem, not mine.

My posture has improved since the advent of the walker in my life and that’s a good thing! I’ll be healthier. Self-care is important at my advancing age. Soon I’ll look like a much younger me. People may not recognize me. Won’t that be fun? They’ll never be able to guess my age, not that I care much about that. Every birthday is a good one and is celebrated in grand style. This senior actually likes birthdays!

My chariot is light enough that I can lift it in and out of the car myself. My independence has not been hindered, and that’s important, right? I can go where I want, when I want. 

Not only have my daughters accepted it, they are happy that I have it. Always a good thing when the kids approve of me. Not that I would stop doing something that they don’t like. This old woman doesn’t need permission from anyone to do what I want!

There’s another name for the walker and that’s a rollator, so I’ll be rolling along at my own speed. Incidentally, that’s the same word in Dutch with emphasis on the second syllable pronounced “a,” as in apple. See, you’ve learned a word in another language — my mother tongue. The teacher in me never quits!

It used to be risky to walk on the numerous pine needles at our beloved camp on the French River. We were there recently and with that walker it was no problem at all. Another benefit. Going up and down the hill was easy, no slipping or sliding.

Of course, my convenient chariot has a seat so I can rest for a short while if I need to. It also has a basket. I really like that! Perfect for my purse and a few other items.

All in all, the walker is a positive item that has come into my life. Just come and walk along with me, that is, if you can catch me!

Erna de Burger-Fex is a writer and retired teacher who writes about aging and the funny side of getting older. Got a question for Erna? Email