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I Was Just Wondering: Do you like a good snuggle?

Finn likes to think of himself as a pretty macho dude, but that doesn’t meant he’ll turn down an opportunity to cuddle
Finn the Griffon likes to think of himself as a very macho dude, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love a good snuggle.

Do you like to snuggle? I would like to start by saying, I am a very macho male fella. Very. Macho.

And because I am such a macho, confident dog, I am not embarrassed at all to tell you, I love to snuggle.

Mom tells me that Dad was never much of a snuggler until I came into the picture. He loves me more than he thought he could love a dog. See? None of us ever stop learning.

In the mornings, while he has his breakfast, I sit beside him. Once he’s done eating, he starts to snuggle with me. He warms my ears, hugs me, pulls me close to his side. This is our dedicated snuggle-time. He’s the best.

I can tell Mom is so pleased to see this all.

So, I was just wondering, do you like to snuggle?

“I Was Just Wondering” is a Sunday feature on from Finn, a Brussels griffon breed of dog, and his “mom”, Jaana Pirnes. Come back next week to see what Finn is up to. Got a question for Finn? You can email him at