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Toronto media wrong about record price of nickel - Stan Sudol

There is an old public relations saying that if you repeat a wrong often enough it becomes the truth. That seems to be the case regarding the "record price of nickel.

Energy lessons for Ontario from the Irish Celtic Tiger - Stan Sudol (03/03/06)

Ireland, well known as the "Celtic Tiger," has become an industrial showcase for economists around the world.

Happy days are here again - Stan Sudol (02/17/06)

Last Tuesday in the heart of Toronto's financial district, I attended Inco Ltd.'s presentation to the investment community on the company's past year and its current outlook for 2006.

Liberals ignore Sudbury's mining riches and global expertise - Stan Sudol (01/16/06)

Last month Inco, Laurentian University, and a number of other partners including the city announced their commitment to create an international mining research centre in Sudbury.

Nickel in short supply: Inco must stay Canadian - STAN SUDOL (01/06/06)

One of the biggest corporate stories of 2005 - a metallic marriage made in mining heaven - has been the friendly takeover of the world's fourth biggest nickel miner, Falconbridge Limited by number two producer, Inco Limited.

Everything you wanted to know about nickel laterites - Stan Sudol

The last few years of the 20th century were not very kind to the nickel industry. In October and December of 1998, the LME price for nickel dipped to $1.76 a pound (US), the lowest level ever, if you factor in inflation.

New Caledonia nicknamed Sudbury of the south Pacific - Stan Sudol

As mentioned in my previous column, nickel can be produced from either sulphide (Sudbury Basin) or laterite (Goro) ore. About 72 percent of the world's nickel resources are laterites deposits.

The Battle of the Titans: Teck Cominco's hostile bid for Inco - Stan Sudol

In a hostile bid announced on Monday, Teck Cominco Ltd., launched a $17.8 billion * cash and share offer to take over Inco Ltd., conditional on Inco not completing its friendly merger with Falconbridge Ltd.