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10 pre-wedding weight-management tips that actually make sense

You’ve got enough to worry about — your weight shouldn’t be one of them
Weddings are a lot of things. One of those things is not how much you weigh. 

I’m getting married in six months. My thoughts these days are filled with to-do lists and all the emotions that come along with said to-do lists. 

Getting engaged puts you in a demographic you might never have known existed otherwise. It’s like do-more-have more-be-more to the power of ten! Plus, they want you to pay three times as much as it costs to do-more-have-more-be-more on a regular day. 

It’s no surprise, then, that when I saw an article this week about Top 10 Pre-Wedding Weight Management Tips I thought my head might actually explode. I mean, as if there wasn’t already enough to do. How could you possibly have the perfect day if you don’t have the perfect weight? 

I’ll tell ya how!

My Alternative Top 10 Pre-Wedding Weight Management Tips

Stop trying to manage something you can’t control

You can’t control your weight any more than you can control your rate of return on investments. In both cases, you can get advice, make informed decisions and set goals, but in the end it’s out of your hands. Let it go.

That includes staying off the scale

Didn’t I just say it’s not in your control? Rid your house of this cruel and unusual torture device.

Buy a dress that fits you and not one you have to fit

We spend too much of our lives trying to fit in. If you try on a dress that doesn’t fit, the problem is not you — it’s the dress. 

To look and feel your best you should do things that make you look and feel your best                                                                                            

Do you look and feel your best when you’re deprived, hungry and eating boring food? I doubt it. Eat in a way that makes you feel good. Don’t worry about looking good — you literally look that way every single day.

Enjoying your special day regardless of what you weigh is a healthy goal

You deserve it! Your worth is not measured in kilograms.

Throw fruit at anyone who suggests you grab a piece for a ‘sweet fix’

Anyone who tries to tell you an apple is a comparable substitute for chocolate is straight up lying. Consider why you’re craving sweets in the first place. Stressed, tired, overwhelmed? While chocolate may not fix those things, apples don’t either. Find effective ways to meet your true needs.

Manage stress effectively

Self-soothe and find comfort doing things you love. For example, write a cheeky column for the newspaper.

Boo or make fart noises when you see articles about pre-wedding weight management tips

This expands on managing stress effectively. Using the angry button on Facebook is also helpful.

Understand that you deserve and can experience joy regardless of your size

You do not need to be thinner to enjoy your day or to feel special or loved. Your partner chose to marry a person — not a size or a shape.

Eat with intention, attention and without judgment

As often as possible. Intend to feel better when you finish eating than before you started. Notice the colours, the aromas, the flavours. Skip the guilt and criticism.

There you have it, folks. These are my expert alternative tips to remind you of what’s really important this pre-wedding season. When the world suggests that you need to do more, have more, and be more in the next few months, shake your fist at it. 

All the best and congratulations!

Ashley Hurley is a Registered Dietitian in Sudbury, ON. Find trusted and reliable information from Eat Right Ontario by calling toll free 1-877-510-5102 or visiting