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Peer review should focus on community supports - Dr. Peter Zalan

On July 9, the North East LHIN appointed Mr. Martin, the CEO of Hamilton Health Sciences, to undertake a peer review of Health Sciences North.

Life expectancy a triumph of medical science - Dr. Peter Zalan

I would like to pass on some good news. We can use some in troubled times. Longevity has been rising in Canada decade by decade: from age 60 in 1920 to 81 in the most recent census.

Time to start fighting obesity - Dr. Peter Zalan

All countries are searching for answers on how to reverse the rising tide of adult and childhood obesity.

Caring should be ‘bedrock’ of health system - Dr. Peter Zalan

Curing and caring: how can I best illustrate the difference? I think with examples. Let me start with “curing.” I received the following memo recently: “Health Sciences North is commencing a Trans Aortic Valve Initiative (TAVI).

ICU care can raise moral dilemmas - Dr. Peter Zalan

Hassan Rasouli (Mr. R) is a 60-year-old gentleman who was admitted to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto in October 2010 for removal of a benign brain tumour.

‘We need to do better’ - Dr. Peter Zalan

Let me begin with a story. Betty is 60, and was admitted to hospital Dec. 3, 2011. She was on drugs that suppressed her immune system to treat her neurological disease. As a consequence, she developed multiple infections.

An ounce of prevention ... - Dr. Peter Zalan

Good health comes from a variety of factors. Surprisingly, most are not related to the health care system.

‘Death-phobic’ culture hamstrings Canada’s health care system - Dr. Peter Zalan

Throughout the ages, death was familiar, simple and public. Death was a common event, occurring in every age group, an accepted part of life.

Status quo not serving our health needs - Dr. Peter Zalan

The provincial and federal health ministers met recently in Halifax to discuss how to reform and pay for health care after the current accord expires in 2014. The Ontario government awaits Don Drummond’s recommendations for revamping public services.

Health care should be federal election issue - Dr. Peter Zalan

With the passage of the Medical Care Act in 1966, the government of Canada declared that all Canadians should be able to obtain health services of high quality according to their need, irrespective of their ability to pay.