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Hours of Operation

  • ALL Skateboard Parks are open May to October (weather permitting)

  • Hours: Dawn to dusk


Azilda* Outdoor Skate Park

Features: 4’ high quarter pipe, 4’ high bank, funbox with rail and ledge, picnic table and grindrail.
Location: Rick McDonald Park, 158 Ste. Agnes Road

Chelmsford* Outdoor Skate Park

Features: Outdoor skate park featuring quarter pipe, fun box including stairs, planter and grind rail.
Location: Côté Park located next to Rayside-Balfour Youth Centre on Côté Street

Chelmsford* Outdoor Skate Park

Features: 5’ quarter pipe, 6’ steep bank, spine, wedge and fun box.
Location: Berthiaume Park, 1619 Gravelle Avenue


Features: quarter pipe, bank, pyramid combo and ledge
Location: Dowling Leisure Centre, 79 Main St. West

Garson* Outdoor Skate Park

Location: Central Lane, 214 Orell St.

Hanmer* Outdoor Skate Park

Features: New skatelite equipment: quarter pipes, spin, wedge half pipe, banks and ramps

Location: Lion’s Den, Hanmer, 4611 St. Joseph Street

Levack-Onaping Outdoor Skate Park*

Features 3’ quarter pipe, grind bench and other street elements.

Location: Russell Beaudry Outdoor Rink, 10 Juniper Street

Minnow Lake Outdoor Skate Park*

A 10,000 square foot concrete skate park for local skate board and BMX enthusiasts. The park caters to both beginner and experienced users offering a variety of features including a halfpipe, spine, banks and boxes, stairs and rails of various dimensions. 

Location: Carmichael Arena, 1298 Bancroft Drive

Sudbury* Outdoor Skate Park

Delki Dozzi Park - This outdoor program is open to all youth. Enjoy bank, quarter pipe and funboxes.

Location: Delki Dozzi, 3 Mary Street

BMX Facility – Rotary Park

The BMX track is located at Rotary Park (Adanac Ski Hill) and open from May 1 to October 31, dawn to dusk, weather and track conditions permitting.

Please Note: Availability may be subject to future club activities and events which will be posted on site.

BMX stands for bicycle moto-cross - a sport in which racers ride bicycles with 20 or 24 inch wheels over a course which is carefully designed to challenge the participants, but with the safety of the riders very much in mind. BMX racing is a participation sport where competitors are matched against others of the same age and proficiency level.

The track has been built to United Cycliste Internationale (UCI) standards in partnership with the Ontario Cycling Association.

The City of Greater Sudbury is looking for interested participants and volunteers to establish a local BMX club. The club will assist with maintenance of the track, encourage registration and help organize events.  The club will work with the City and the Ontario Cycling Association, who will provide support for volunteer training, coach’s clinics, seminars and promotion of the sport.

Interested individuals are asked to contact Anne Gervais, Recreation Coordinator, at [email protected] or 705-674-4455 ext. 2333.

In-Line Skating

The City of Greater Sudbury has one of the best facilities for in-line skating in Northern Ontario. Located in the Gatchell area, the Delki Dozzi Park has a beautiful paved loop.

Directions: From Lorne St., turn onto Bulmer. Continue to the end of the road, where you will find Delki Dozzi Park. Park in the main lot and take the walkway toward the soccer field. Behind the soccer field you will see the paved entrance onto the loop. Please review the signage.

Please Note: Loop is reserved for local cycling club on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM