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Don Henwood is the current Chair of the very first Community Action Network that was created in Greater Sudbury, the Onaping Falls C.A.N. Not originally from Onaping Falls, Don moved to the area in 2010 and quickly began establishing roots in the community.

The Onaping Falls Community Action Network has been incredibly active in its efforts to bring improvements to the community in the form of beautification, recreation and communication projects. One of its most successful projects, has been the establishment of the Rio Encore Theatre which was spearheaded by Don. It is a collaborative project between the Onaping Falls CAN, the Greater Sudbury Public Library and is supported by many generous individuals, organizations and merchants in Levack and Onaping. The new Rio Theatre replaces a former theatre which was either torn down or burned to the ground in the 1970s, leaving Onaping Falls without a local theatre.

The Rio Encore Theatre officially opened its doors to the public in December 2012 boasting a 25’ screen with 5.1 surround sound and a snack bar manned by the very dedicated Don Henwood and a group of student volunteers. Since its opening, thousands of local residents have enjoyed popular films free of charge. Upcoming showings can be viewed at or on theRio Encore Theatre’s Facebook page.

The City of Greater Sudbury values its volunteers, like Don Henwood, who give much of their own time for the benefit of their community and its residents.

Community Action Networks have been formed in the following areas:

  • Azilda

  • Capreol

  • Chelmsford

  • Coniston

  • Copper Cliff

  • Donovan-Elm West

  • Garson-Falconbridge

  • Minnow Lake

  • Onaping Falls

  • South End

  • Valley East

  • Walden

  • Ward 1 (Gatchell, Moonglow, Robinson, West End)

  • Ward 8 (New Sudbury, east of Barrydowne)

  • Ward 12 (New Sudbury chapter)

  • Ward 12 (Uptown Chapter)

For general information about Community Action Networks, please call the City of Greater Sudbury at 3-1-1 or