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Walking Trails

Blueberry Hill Hiking Trail

The Blueberry Hill Hiking Trail is located near Minnow Lake behind the Carmichael Arena on Bancroft Drive.  There are numerous lookouts that provide views of Minnow Lake, as well as Ramsey Lake.

Oak Forest Trail

The Oak Forest Trail is also located near Minnow Lake.  It is a very picturesque hiking trail with a few scenic lookouts.  It is especially beautiful in the fall as the maple and oak leaves turn a variety of colourful shades.

Ramsey Lake Boardwalk

The Ramsey Lake Boardwalk trail is another lovely spot to visit this summer.  It is located between Science North and McNaughton Terrace and passes by Bell Park.

Pioneer Manor Walking Trail

Pioneer Manor is located on Notre Dame Avenue. A walking trail surrounding the existing building has been constructed for the residents.  It is approximately 550 metre (1800 feet) in length.  Once the addition to Pioneer Manor has been completed the walking trail will likely surround the entire building.

To view more local trail maps, check out the Rainbow Routes Website at