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Market Profile

The City of Greater Sudbury functions as a regional shopping destination, servicing a catchment area extending across Northeastern Ontario. There are approximately 300,000 people living within a 160 km (100 mile) radius of Greater Sudbury based on the 2006 Census. Our market profile has been strengthened by the continuing diversification of the City's retail environment, including the opening of the new Farmers Market in the downtown core, the redevelopment of the Rainbow Value Centre, as well as the ongoing expansion of the large format retail sector.

Greater Sudbury's buying power compares favourably to other cities when measured by retail sales per capita and personal income per capita. Based on retail sales per capita, the Greater Sudbury census metropolitan area is ranked 15th of 39 Canadian urban markets of 100,000 or more population. When income per capita is compared across cities, the local market is ranked 24th of 39 major urban centres. A total retail sales estimate of more than $2,440.7 million in 2011 establishes Greater Sudbury as the premier retail centre of Northeastern Ontario (Source: FP Markets Canadian Demographics 2011).

Catchment Area

The Catchment Area for the City is an approximately 240 kilometre (150 mile) radius of the urban core (an approximate 2.5 - 3.5 hour drive).

2012 Average Household Expenditures

2011-2012 Retail Sales Estimates by Types of Goods

2012 Retail Sales Estimates Chart by Types of Goods

2012 Income and Retail Sales as compared to Southern Ontario

2012 Income and Retail Sales as compared to Northern Ontario