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Greater Sudbury Transit

Greater Sudbury Transit provides safe, reliable and affordable transportation services to 5 million passengers each year. Public transportation services contribute to the social and ecological health of our community by removing geographic barriers to employment and social services opportunities and by reducing the environmental and infrastructure costs of transportation. Public transportation includes both conventional transit and the transportation of persons with physical disabilities.

Telephone Number: (705) 675-3333 or (705) 671-2489
Address. 200 Brady Street



Holiday Schedules
Upcoming Holiday Schedules

Val Caron / Hanmer / Capreol Route-Circuit 703

Trip Planner
Transit Trip Planner is a free online tool that integrates Greater Sudbury Transit routes and schedules into Google Maps. Simply enter where you are, where you want to go, when you want to leave or when you want to be there; Google will do the planning for you.

MyBus displays the number of minutes until the arrival of the next bus at your stop as well as your route number.

Greater Sudbury Transit