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David Case, Celine Loyer learn verdict in sexual assault trial March 5

Former track coach also awaiting verdict in separate sexual assault trial
David Case and Celine Loyer. (Supplied)

Former track coach David Case and one of his athletes, Celine Loyer, will be found either guilty or innocent on March 5.

Case and Loyer are accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman in 2011 after she lost consciousness at Case's home.

The pair pleaded not guilty at the start of a four-day trail in January

During the trial, the court heard the woman went to Case's home for dinner. Loyer was also there.

The woman said she was given a shot of alcohol and then lost consciousness for about four hours that evening.

She said she had a flashback following the events of that night, where she remembered lying on her back on the floor of Case's home. Loyer was between her legs, molesting the woman's genitals, and Case was at sitting near her head, telling Loyer what to do.    

At the conclusion of the trial, Superior Court Justice Patricia Hennessy reserved her decision.

Meanwhile, Case is still waiting for a verdict on a separate sexual assault trial that took place earlier in January. 

He was facing five charges stemming from alleged events that began more than 30 years ago. 

The victim, who cannot be identified due to a publication ban, alleges Case sexually assaulted her on a bus when she was 15 years old, sexually attacked her in a dorm room and a hotel room when she was 16 years old, as well as further physical attacks after they were secretly married shortly after she turned 18.

The trial stretched out over three days, with Judge Alex Kurke reserving his decision until March 13.


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