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Court date postponed for GSPS officer charged with resisting arrest, trespassing at Espanola Rec Centre

Melisa Rancourt was due to appear in Espanola provincial court on Nov. 15, but will now appear on Dec. 6. 
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Though set to appear in Espanola provincial court on Nov. 15, Melisa Rancourt, the GSPS officer at the centre of charges stemming from her refusal to show proof of vaccination at the Espanola Recreation Centre has had her appearance postponed to Dec. 6.

Rancourt was arrested on Sept. 26 and charged with resisting a peace officer, and entering a premises when entry has been prohibited, contrary to the Trespass to Property Act (TPA). Her partner, Dana Rancourt, was also charged with trespassing in regards to the same incidents.

The couple attended the recreation centre that day to see their child’s hockey game, but refused to show proof of vaccination. They were allowed to enter, but when they returned later that same day for another event involving their other child, they were again asked to show proof of vaccination, and again they refused.

This time they were asked to leave and the Espanola OPP were called. The interaction escalated after an initial attempt by the OPP officer to explain the issues with failing to provide proof of vaccination. They were once again asked to leave and when they refused, Rancourt was arrested. An eyewitness told that at that point, Rancourt had an aggressive response to the officer, kicked a door and began yelling, leading to the resisting arrest charge. You can read more about that incident here