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No date yet for Wright sentencing hearing

The matter was put over to the next assignment court date, April 18, as the Crown and defence unable to arrange the full-day sentencing date
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Convicted murderer Robert Steven Wright’s sentencing date was not set today in assignment court, as the defence attorneys, Michael Lacy and Bryan Badali, were not available for any of the dates, from now until July, suggested by the Crown. 

Wright was not required to and did not appear in assignment court this morning. Defence counsel Sara Little, acting on behalf of Lacy and Badali, made the arrangements.

The matter was put over until April 18 so the defence and Crown could continue to work with Justice Robbie D. Gordon’s schedule to arrange what will be a full-day sentencing hearing. 

Wright was convicted March 29 for the second-degree murder of Renée Sweeney, who was stabbed to death at her workplace Jan. 27, 1998.

The case went unsolved for more than 20 years, until December 2018, when DNA evidence pointed to Wright and he was arrested by the Greater Sudbury Police. 

The trial began on Feb. 21 with jury selection and continued five weeks, with evidence presented first by the Crown attorneys, Rob Parsons and Kevin Ludgate, then by the defence, Lacy and Badali, who called Wright himself to the stand. 

Wright testified that he did not kill Sweeney but instead found her body, attempted first aid and then fled the scene.

However, the jury of 12 unanimously voted to convict Wright, and the majority recommended more than 20 years before he could apply for parole. 

Lacy has been clear with the media that he will appeal the verdict. The appeal will begin after sentencing has been handed down. That sentencing date will be confirmed after the next assignment court date, April 18, at 10 a.m. 



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