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Nogdawindamin Family and Community Services


Nogdawindamin Family and Community Services will assist the communities in their responsibility to strengthen families
and communities for the safety and well-being of children by providing community based services grounded in Anishnawbek values.


Each of us has been given life and individual gifts, by the Creator. In having been endowed with gifts, it is the natural responsibility and therefore the right of human beings to realize and develop their gifts, and in doing so, honour the Creator.

The family is irreplaceable. No child welfare program or agency can meet our children’s needs for love, acceptance, directions, encouragement and trust better than those children’s families. The family is the sacred trust of the Creator, providing the necessary and rightful environment of nurturance and guidance.

The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of the individual is dependent on that same good health of the family unit. The family unit’s good health is dependent good health of the community. Therefore, in assisting any one individual to achieve improved or enhanced well-being, that individual’s family and community must be simultaneously supported and assisted.

Family generations and community are important to every individual in establishing and enhancing both a sense of individuality and a sense of belonging – integral elements to a positive self-image, self-respect, hope and motivation. Our families and communities can raise their children, given appropriate, adequate and accessible support and/or intervention.
Families and communities must be supported by services deemed necessary.

Our families and communities have the right to direct the development of those resources deemed necessary to assist them in their family roles. Our families and communities have the right to direct the development of their children, and themselves, in accordance with cultural values and traditions.

Relationship Statements

Nogdawindamin Family and Community Services embraces the fundamental philosophy of valuing relationships built on the foundations of good governance practices by:

  • Fostering and maintain positive and collaborative relationships by engaging our families and extended families in all aspects of service delivery
  • Maintaining cohesive relationships with First Nation leadership
  • Providing services that reflect the principles of strong partnership among Anishnawbek
  • Building models of collaboration with existing community services
  • Consulting the communities in a comprehensive and meaningful process to ensure their input is respected in service design and delivery
  • Developing working relationships with external partners to achieve our Agency goals

All Services

  • Youth Prevention Services: Mino Madzwin, Education Liaison, Housing Support and Youth in Transition programs..
  • Neonatal Services: If you are pregnant and expecting or with a child, we can provide you with support, referrals and resources..
  • Jordan's Principle: Jordan's Principle is a Federal fund that ensures all First Nations children have equal access to products and services. Jordan's Principle, within Nogdawindamin Family and Community Services, assists families involved with our services or residing in our catchment areas (if their First Nation is not already providing Jordan's Principle services for non-involved members). The fund is in honour of Jordan River Anderson, a young boy from Norway House Cree Nation in Manitoba. Service Eligibility Jordan's Principle eligibility is for children under 18 who are: A member of the..
  • Family Well-Being: Life skills, Stress. Resources, Parenting, Supplies and Intervention
  • Family Treatment Program: Since colonization, First Nations people have suffered a number of hardships and our communities continue to be plagued by substance use and abuse. First Nations people are lost too often to addictions, ravaging families and communities. We are seeing children and youth starting to use substances at younger ages and repeating this pattern of behaviour and inevitably falling victim to this lifestyle. Too often we see this pattern of hurt in our communities with services lacking resources to support the magnitude of these issues. The communities have spoken and will not be..
  • Cultural Services: Debriefing, support, teachings and referrals
  • Children's Mental Health: Trauma, anxiety, depression, coping, intake and counselling
  • Child Protection Services: Working with families and communities to keep children safe. Contact us if you have child safety concerns
  • Behavioral Therapy: The goal of the program is to provide culturally-based behavioural services to members (or affiliates) of the Seven First Nations along the North Shore, both on and off reserve, who meet eligibility criteria. Service is offered to clients in their communities, schools, and homes. Children and youth may require support in the areas of adaptive skills, school readiness skills, communication skills, decreasing maladaptive behaviour, sleep hygiene, coping/anxiety, social skills, and play skills. Treatment plans are individualized, flexible, family-driven, and designed around..
  • Alternative Care - Genawenman Binojiuk: Nogdawindamin Family and Community Services will assist the communities in their responsibility to strengthen families and communities for the safety and well-being of children by providing community-based services grounded in Anishnawbek values. We are committed to… - Ensuring that services support the best interests of an Anishnawbek child. - Promoting the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental well-being of our Anishnawbek children, families and communities. - Providing our families with community-based services. - Providing our families with strength-based services.
  • Adult Mental Health: We provide voluntary, confidential and comprehensive mental wellness supports for members of the seven First Nations along the North Shore, on and off reserve, providing: Mental Health and Addiction Counselling Individual and Group Therapies Cultural Services Access to Psychiatric Services Assessment and Referral Services Traditional Medicines and Ceremonies Walk-in Clinic / Brief Solution-Focused Services (Due to Covid-19 protocols, please see Tele-Counselling Supports at the bottom of this page.) Addictions Treatment – harm reduction Eligibility 19 years of age and older

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