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Saint Leonards Larch Half Way House

About Us

Partners in re-integration

The Ontario Halfway House Association (OHHA) was founded in 1979 in order to represent the interests of community residential facilities contracted to the Correctional Service Canada in Ontario.

The OHHA membership is comprised of residential service providers for federal offenders as well as various governmental agencies and stakeholders.

Making Communities Healthier

OHHA serves as a forum for the halfway house, criminal justice and treatment facilities who work together to promote and facilitate community-based criminal justice services and resources.

Our partners include the Correctional Service Canada, the Parole Board of Canada, the Canada Safety Council, and the National Crime Prevention Council. We also work with various other local and provincial organizations to ensure the safe return of men and women to the community.

Successful re-integration is our mission

Our mission is to assist with the safe, successful reintegration of offenders into the community through the use of evidence-based programs tailored to suit the needs of our clients. OHHA continues to advocate for improvements in training, funding, and support strategies for community-based residential facilities.

Helping residents help themselves

Our members strive to ensure that offenders released into communities are equipped with the skills and resources they need to assist in becoming successful, productive community members. We aim to provide culturally-sensitive and gender-specific programs designed to address the specific needs of diverse groups. Effective programming strategies will contribute to increased public safety by assisting in the safe transition of offenders into the community. Effective consultation practices will help to ensure that our facilities maintain strong ties with local communities.