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Sudbury Kinsman Home 2019


Each day, there are charities and not-for-profit groups working to make life better in Sudbury. Working to make it a little easier for someone who might be struggling, or to encourage the bright future of this city.

And behind many of these groups, offering support in specific and tangible ways, is a service club like The Kinsmen Club of Sudbury.

“A service club is designed to serve the community’s greatest needs,” says Mary Jane Drury, Showcase Co-ordinator, “and that is the Sudbury Kinsmen’s motto.”

In practice, this motto is a mandate to help improve the quality of life for everyone in Sudbury through the funding of specific projects for recipient charities. By applying to the service club with a specific need, The Kinsmen Club of Sudbury can offer real and demonstrable help to local organisations, assisting in ways that are almost immeasurable. By targeting needs that are urgent, or will offer the most assistance, The Kinsmen Club of Sudbury can help each recipient charity turn that one donation into help for hundreds. In the past, that has meant funding for the Parkside Older Adult Centre, the Northeastern Cancer Centre, Camp Sudaca, as well as the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Organization. “With our Showcase Sweepstakes this year, we’re helping 12 charities, but that could equally help for thousands of people,” says Drury.

The Showcase Sweepstakes, by the way, is just as fantastic as it sounds. Now in its 36th year, the sweepstakes offer 139 prizes worth over $860,000 - with tickets allowing eligibility for all draws – one of which is the spectacular Showcase Home, located at 108 Hazelton Drive in Sudbury. The Showcase Sweepstakes is the clubs largest endeavour, and the proceeds from the 2019 draw funds the continued great work of local charities, like: Our Children, Our Future; the Sudbury Food Bank; the Special Olympics; Cinéfest; the Sudbury Theatre Centre, and the Inner City Home of Sudbury.

The Kinsmen Club of Sudbury is a remarkable organization and one that runs on the power of its members. “We’re continuing to look for members,” says Drury, “and we are a mixed club, male and female.” As a member, you’ll not only have the chance to help others, you’ll gain some valuable skills as well. “You’re giving back to the community through becoming a member,” says Drury, “as well as getting a chance to socialize, network, and to become a leader within the community.” It’s also a chance to follow another of their mottos: Grow, Learn, Make Friends, Have Fun.

If you would like more information about the Kinsmen Club of Sudbury, becoming a member, a recipient charity, or to learn about the Showcase Sweepstakes, you can visit, call (705)688-0366, or email them at


How to get Your Lucky Tickets

1. Order your tickets with your Visa or MasterCard by calling 705‑688‑0366.

2. Drop by the Showcase Home at 108 Hazelton Drive, Monday to Friday, 11am to 7pm, Saturday, Sundays & Holidays, 11am to 5pm.

$100 each

or 3‑pak for $200

or 6‑pak for $300

Number of tickets printed: 19,500

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