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Sudbury & District Home Builders' Association

About Us 

The SDHBA is part of a Canada-wide network of 8,500 builders, renovators, dealers in supplies and services to the housing industry as well as related trades and professions. Our members receive support, information and advantages at three levels – regional (SDHBA), provincial (OHBA), and national (CHBA).

Mission Statement

The mission of the Sudbury & District Home Builders’ Association (SDHBA) is to be the voice of the residential construction industry, to achieve an environment in which our membership can operate profitably, and to promote affordability and choice in housing for all.


Our Values

Integrity - We act with consistency, transparency and respect to do what is honest, ethical and trustworthy in all aspects of our company’s operations.

Professionalism - We strive continually to improve our company’s skills and increase our knowledge and capabilities in order to operate our business to the highest level of professionalism performance.

Community - We recognize that sustaining the social, economic and environmental health of the communities we work in is vital to our business success.

Leadership - We take a leadership role in improving the social, economic and environmental health of our communities through the way we operate our businesses and through the products and services we provide.

Our Commitments

We make the following commitments in order to put our values into action:

  • Our responsibility to customers - We provide, in a timely and transparent fashion, information that will assist them in making informed and knowledgeable decisions.
  • We accept responsibility to our customers for the products and services they receive from us.

Community Involvement and Investment

We recognize our business has a wide range of impacts on the well-being of our community. Through our commitment to socially and environmentally responsible business practices, we strive to ensure that these impacts are positive.

Environmental Commitment

  • We acknowledge that the development of new communities, and the construction and renovation of homes, has a range of impacts on the environment, both today and in the future. We work with governments and others to develop environmentally responsible housing solutions.
  • We are committed to developing communities, and to building and renovating homes, in an environmentally responsible manner through utilizing appropriate technologies, materials, building practices and techniques.
  • We pursue continuous improvements and innovation in our processes, practices and products in order to meet our environmental responsibilities.

Business Practices and Performance

  • We operate our business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and, guided by our values, strive to perform beyond what the law and convention may require.
  • We recognize that the building and renovation of homes and the development of communities has a range of impacts on others. By actively engaging in thoughtful and productive relationships within our communities we strive to understand the issues and concerns of others and respond in an open and constructive manner.
  • We actively contribute to, and invest in, the well-being of the communities in which we operate our businesses.
  • We strive to ensure that all employees, business partners, manufacturers, suppliers, lenders, trade contractors and professionals with whom we do business understand our values and commitments.
  • We have criteria for selecting suppliers of goods and services which reflect our commitment to social, environmental and human rights principles and values.

Human Resource Development

  • We provide employees with the leadership, resources and opportunities to do their best work and achieve their full potential.
  • We invest in education and training in order to sustain both our companies and our industry. We choose to do business with trades and suppliers who share this commitment.
  • We support our employees in meeting their responsibilities to family, friends and community.

Workplace Health and Safety

  • We fulfill our responsibility for a safe working environment for all workers on our projects, whether these workers are directly employed by us, or by other firms working for us.
  • We maintain clear and effective health and safety programs and ensure that all those employed on our work sites are properly trained and supervised in relation to this program.
  • We act to achieve worker safety through, and beyond, compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Become a Member

When you join the Sudbury & District Home Builders’ Association, you are in good company. Our members represent all aspects of the residential construction industry in Sudbury & District.

Who Can Join?

  • New home builders – small building companies as well as largest builders
  • Renovators – small and large companies
  • Developers – local to regional operations
  • Trade contractors – plumbers, electricians, mechanical systems installers and more
  • Leading manufacturers of brand-name building products
  • Suppliers – national and regional building supply chains as well as individual local companies
  • Financial institutions – Canada’s major providers of home financing services
  • Warranty programs – non-profit and for-profit warranty providers
  • Governments and housing agencies at municipal, provincial and federal levels
  • Service and professional groups – designers, lawyers, accountants, real estate and marketing companies, media people and more.

Why Should I Join?

Joining the Sudbury & District Home Builders’ Association is an important business decision. It is an investment in the success of your company. Before making a final decision, find out more about the Association, our services and activities, and our members. Download our Membership Brochures: Helping You Build Your Business and About the Home Builders Association.

Since 1959 the Sudbury & District Home Builders’ Association has been an effective and respected “voice for the residential construction industry”. We are a voluntary organization, run by members for members. We understand what our members need and work to support their business success.

  • A business network– connect with other business people who share your commitment to success
  • The right product – the latest market intelligence to help you know what your customers want and how to deliver it
  • The right skills – the business and technical knowledge you need to run your business successfully
  • Answers – the technical advice and support you need to solve problems
  • Visibility – opportunities to get your product and service in front of customers
  • Credibility – recognition that your company is good to do business with
  • A stable business environment – conditions that let you run your business profitably

Timely information, business contacts, political representation and a chance to speak out – membership provides real benefits and real value that will help you to succeed in today’s challenging business environment.

Our People